January 10, 2023

Gresgarth Hall Gardens - Head Gardener required for Arabella Lennox-Boyd

We are looking for a new Head Gardener at Gresgarth Hall. The successful applicant will be passionate about horticulture, ready to lead and be part of Arabella’s wonderful gardening team at Gresgarth Hall, Lancaster.

Since moving to Gresgarth Hall in Lancashire in 1978 with her family, Arabella Lennox-Boyd has developed the gardens there, marrying Italian style with British plantsmanship. The garden is the flagship for her gardening business, which is still very much a major part of her life.

Main duties and responsibilities

This is a hands-on Head Gardener role, with the team of full-time and part-time gardeners ready to help to look after and expand new areas in the ornamental gardens and add new species and cultivars of trees and shrubs to the collection.

The applicant should be proactive, practical, organised and have a good knowledge of machinery, should be passionate about plants and their well-being.

The garden contains the widest range of horticultural aspects including glass, propagation, vegetable and fruit production, containers, perennials, woodland trees, shrub and woodland planting, meadow and wilder areas.

The Head Gardener will take day to day charge of the garden and will work with the owner who is continually improving and developing the garden. There is a wonderful aesthetic to the garden, with its own colour palette and a genuine sense of place.

Arabella is looking for someone who will share her passion for the garden, and who will have confidence in their experience to put good ideas forward.Applicants should have previous experience in private service gardening and of managing a small team.

Please send a CV and cover letter to: